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Even though we’ve become known for our traditional Italian pastries, we have a hard time picking our favorite items here at Gencarelli’s. Our daily pastry selection includes everything from Mousse cakes to “Old World” treats that have been in our family for generations! Take a look at some of our more popular items:

Fruit Tarts
Like all the treats you’ll find at Gencarelli’s, our fruit tarts are made with only the freshest ingredients … in this case, a variety of fruits and fresh cream. They’re almost too pretty to eat … of course, they key word is “almost”! They won’t stay around the house for long!

White Chocolate Mousse
On the order of fine European tradition, our White Chocolate Mousse is a dessert sure to please everyone! Light, sweet and mouth-watering, we use only the freshest chocolate to create this incredible treat.

Another traditional Italian treat, Gianduia is a rich hazelnut mousse, with a wonderful taste and texture! This treat is reminiscent of the finest praline, crunchy as well as palate-pleasing! Forget the Lay’s potato chips! Here’s a treat of which you’re sure not to be able to eat just one!

Black Forest Pastries
Just like the cake, this Black Forest mousse is richer than our other mousses! Fresh chocolate and vanilla with black forest cherries, this is a taste sensation that’s simply irresistible. We invite you to stop in and bring home an assortment of our pastry today!

Capuccino Bombe
This capuccino mousse delight is made at Gencarelli’s using the freshest butter crème! They’re light and fluffy with an absolutely magnificent cappuccino flavor! When you bring these treats home, everyone will say “You’re the ‘bombe’!!!!”


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