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Holidays are a special time of the year … no matter what Holiday it happens to be! Take a look at some of the traditional … and not so traditional items we’ve created here at Gencarelli’s Bakery. Then give us a call to tell us about your particular holiday get-together. We look forward to hearing from you!

Christmas Tree
At Gencarelli’s, we really enjoy making holiday parties come to life! Here’s a wonderful cake we created for a small Christmas party. No matter what the holiday … no matter what the occasion … give us a call and give us an idea of what you’re looking for. We look forward to hearing from you!

Santa Claus
Here’s another example of the “Gencarelli originality” at work. Santa Claus was a “last-minute arrival” at one of our customer’s home … needless to say, he was enjoyed by all!

Gingerbread House
Here’s another traditional holiday favorite … prepared untraditionally at Gencarelli. We use only the freshest ingredients, to ensure that your holiday party is everything you expect it to be!

Valentine’s Flower
Whenever someone mentions “holiday cakes” the first reaction is to think “Christmas” … but did you know Gencarelli’s can prepare a unique … and delicious … dessert to grace any holiday table? Any holiday … whether it’s Valentine’s Day (commemorated here with one of our wonderfully unique rose pots … Easter … the Fourth of July … Halloween … or Thanksgiving! A holiday is just around the corner – give us a call to discuss your particular event!

Birthday Cake
Yes, I know … birthdays aren’t a holiday … but they ought to be. Especially if it’s yours! Besides, at Gencarelli’s, we understand that your birthday is an important day. We’ll put the same care, concern and originality into a birthday cake as we put into all of our fine products!

By the way, did you know that we can add your photograph to the top of a cake? “Photo-cakes” are great conversation pieces for your next party … and they taste great, too! Ask for more information today.

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