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Italian Cookies

This traditional Italian cookie has a soft, chewy center, and is coated with pine nuts. We make our Pignoli with the freshest almond paste, so they’re always pleasantly sweet and delicious. While they’re usually thought of as a Christmas cookie, We have Pignoli all year round, so stop in a pick some up today

S Cookies
Another traditional Italian cookie, “S” cookies are a great “start your day off, coffee-dunking” cookie, made from short dough. They’re a great addition to an assortment tray, but they won’t stay in the cookie jar for very long!!!

Hazelnut Biscotti
In Italian, biscotti means “twice-cooked”. They’re light, crunchy and sweet, with a delicious, nutty flavor. These biscotti are superb with fine coffees or dessert wines! We offer a variety of flavored biscotti … come in a take a look at our wonderful selection!

Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti
A slight variation of the traditional hazelnut, these biscotti are covered in rich, delicious chocolate! We use only the freshest ingredients, and make our biscotti every day! An assortment makes a wonderful housewarming gift. Give us a call and we’ll tell you more about our assortment trays.

Regina Sesame Cookies
This is another of our traditional favorites, originating in Regina, Italy. These cookies are similar to the “S” cookie, but are covered with fresh sesame seeds. Our Regina Sesame cookies are soft and sweet. Pick some up on your way to the office, and see the smiles you get!